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Posted by taizou at 2015-04-23 02:13:25 Site news

Some of you may have noticed the lack of posts here since, ooh, a year ago. A large part of the reason for that is I don’t like writing a blog post about a thing unless I can cover the thing totally comprehensively, which always feels like a huge undertaking when it’s something like a console with 200 games built in, and I’ve decided I want to take a screenshot of every single one of them, delve into the history of the company that made it, take photos of it from every angle and do a bunch of other stuff on top of that. But with that coupled to my limited free time lately, it just seems overwhelming and I end up never doing it. Which is not ideal! Because I think this stuff is interesting and I want to share my knowledge about it with the world - I don’t want to turn into some cranky old dude with an attic full of weird shit that nobody else knows or cares about. I want to turn into some cranky old dude with an attic full of weird shit that a handful of people on the internet know about!

To that end, I’m launching my new project - unimaginatively called Super Multi Notes, because I literally can’t name things for shit - which is basically a single-editor wiki for my own discoveries, notes, pictures and other stuff. The idea behind this is, when I find something interesting, I can immediately create a page for it there with some basic details - instead of putting it aside for a blog post I will never write - and flesh out the article later, as and when I have time to do so (or when I make relevant new discoveries). Like any wiki, every page will always be a work in progress, and some will no doubt reach more advanced stages of progress than others; it’s entirely possible some will consist solely of a title followed by "uuuuugh" and/or a string of random characters and/or expletives. But at least you’ll have that title!

It's running on MediaWiki software (as used by Wikipedia, Wikia and like 98% of other wikis) with the Semantic MediaWiki extension installed, which will hopefully allow me to make more interesting use of data than I could otherwise. It's also using a completely new theme; this is still very much in beta, so please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any feedback.

While (for now at least) I’ll be the only person allowed to edit the wiki pages proper, anyone is welcome to leave comments on articles or edit discussion pages. I’m also releasing the whole thing under a Creative Commons license, so you can reuse the content in other wikis or sites, provided you give credit.

Does all that mean this blog is dead? I hope not! I just have to decide what I want to do with it now. Maybe I’ll highlight interesting things from the wiki here, or use it for more in-depth articles that don’t really lend themselves to wiki format, or something else entirely. But whatever I do or don’t do with this blog, hopefully the wiki will be an experiment that pays off.



Posted by taizou at 2014-02-08 00:28:47 Site news

Hi! Welcome to, a new blog/site/thing all about obscure gaming stuff from China and Taiwan. It's basically a continuation of my old site, Neo Fuji, but... new! MORE random blog posts, LESS aborted attempts to start features that never go anywhere I guess (but there probably will still be a few of those) an EQUALLY slapdash approach to punctuation and MAYBE more thinly veiled gay innuendo are just a few of the the things you have to look forward to here!

The name "Super Multi" is a reference to the sort of multicarts, all-in-one consoles and other various combinations and compilations that are common to this side of gaming - it also happens that that is the name of a type of DVD drive but I hope we can overcome that and learn to love each other (and anyway optical drives are dead so who cares).


  1. Who are you? And why are you doing this?

    My name (ie my throwaway pseudonym that somehow stuck for almost ten years) is taizou & I am some guy from the UK who has managed to accumulate a lot of this stuff and would like to document it publicly in some manner


    They're both staying online; I'll eventually move Neo Fuji to a subdomain of this site and keep it as an archive, and I'll probably keep Handheld Underground active for GB ROM releases and stuff since I think it's quite useful to have a separate outlet for that, but other handheld-related posts will come here instead.


    oh man we don't talk about that one anymore

  4. Wouldn't it be nice if you had some kind of inter-connected database of all this stuff though rather than just throwaway blog posts?

    YES. Working on it. But it's quite a big job so don't hold your breath.


    Well I envisage the scope of this site roughly being

    • Unlicensed games for the Game Boy (Color), Game Boy Advance, Famicom/NES, Mega Drive & maybe SNES

    • Clones of said consoles

    • Pirate stuff for said consoles

    • Original Chinese & Taiwanese consoles & handhelds and their games

    • Plug & play consoles

    • The developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers behind all of the above

    I will probably not cover (due to a lack of personal interest):

    • PC games (unless they're related to something else I'm covering)

    • Atari 2600 stuff

    • PROBABLY not arcade games either

    But any of that is subject to change on my own random ass whims - given that NeoFuji started out life as a site about Japanese PS2 budget games, anything can happen

  6. Is it supposed to be Super Multi, SuperMulti, or supermulti? And is the .org part of the name or not?


  7. Will this just fizzle out and go nowhere though?

    No! Probably not. I hope not.

  8. I am a real person, can I ask you more questions

    Yes! Perhaps ill-advisedly I've opened up yet another line of communication on here and you can feel free to ask me whatever the hell you like, whether you want to pick my brains about these games or ask me an intrusive personal question that I probably won't answer. You can also tweet at me or comment on this post or even send me an e-mail if you want.

~ taizou - 2014-02-08 (year of the hummer)